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Shirindokht Nourmanesh

Writer. Teacher. Scholar.


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My Story

Shirindokht Nourmanesh is a teacher, writer, a visual artist, a literary translator and an independent researcher—with a focus on symbolism in writings of women. A former lecturer at San Jose State University, Northwestern Polytechnic University, and Sunlin College in S. Korea, Shirindokht is now a Ph.D. candidate in Transpersonal Psychology. With graduate coursework in English Literature, she holds degrees in English Translation, Fine Arts & Design, Philosophy, and Education with TESOL specialization.

One of the many rewards of teaching for Shirindokht is the time she spends with her students and team members to provide the guidance that they need in their education and career. In her classroom, she teaches students how to, as effective leaders, lead with empathy and compassion. Shirindokht strives to paint a picture of connectedness and oneness in her surroundings by emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding. She understands that each individual comes with a specific Discourse that dictates his or her consciousness and cosmology. It is through constant professional development, enthusiasm, patience, nurturing, and role modeling that, she believes, she is a successful agent of change and an accomplished leader.

Courses Shirindokht has designed and conducted throughout the years—for both speakers and non- speakers of English language—include Career Development, Academic Research & Advanced Writing, Art Appreciation, Multiculturalism in Business Management, Introduction to Philosophy, Principles of Ethics, and Public Speaking.

Shirindokht has extensive experience as a creative writer, content writer, journalist, technical writer, promotions editor, copywriter, proposal writer, and translator. With two compilations of short stories in Persian, one collection of poems in English—Chalice of My Imagination, and several fiction and non- fiction pieces, she is the Iranian editor for The Third Script, stories from Iran, Tasmania, & the UK. Her upcoming collaborative project—The Caravansary—is a collection of stories by Iranian, Indian, and Tasmanian writers scheduled to publish in March 2019.

Throughout the years and in her efforts to assist different non-profit and grassroots societies, she has organized and led peaceful assemblies, workshops and training sessions, fundraising events, conferences,

panel discussions, seminars, plays, concerts, and art shows. Launch of The Red Chair Writing Workshop, establishment of Gerdayesh for the academic study of Shahnameh—the Book of Kings, directing the annual Mountain View Reads program, curating art exhibits and book shows, and organizing fundraising concerts and meditation sessions for victims of natural disasters are just a few of her creative and communal activities. Through her involvement with local groups—such as Zanan of Northern California and FACTR (Family Alliance for Counseling Tools and Resolutions)—she has had the opportunity to simultaneously work with organizations such as Santa Clara County Office of Women’s Policy and Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Advocacy Consortium, or with local chapters of Amnesty International, MADRE, and Pars Equality Center.

Shirindokht is the first Founding Chair of the Middle Eastern Heritage Month at San Jose City College and is the founder of Vesta Arts & Lectures where she strives to be the voice for Iranian-American minority groups of the Bay Area. By organizing and curating art exhibitions and cultural events, Shirindokht endeavors to find ways to foster intercultural dialogue between peoples of various cultures. To that end, she infuses such events with musical performances and literary readings by local talents of various minority groups—bringing in many different languages and genres under one roof. As a writer and as the last director of the Association of Iranian American Writers, she has organized events to attract attention to the life of writers, bloggers, and journalists who fight for freedom of expression on a daily basis. A recipient of University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education award for outstanding commitment to teaching, Shirindokht has been recognized for exceptional leadership in planning and implementing successful educational events to promote better cross-cultural understanding. Shirindokht was one of the three jurists for the No to Censorship Contest by Siamak Pourzand Foundation and is a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society.

Shirindokht has donated paintings to local non-profit organizations to help with their fundraising efforts and exhibited her paintings at the Gallery of Dreams, heART of Iran at the Capital (Sacramento), Saratoga Library, and Art with a Heart—to name but a few. She was one of the artists in the Art Flags by Immigrant Artists Workshop & Exhibition at Montalvo Art Center, and has been featured—with a painting, two Haikus, and a Tanka—in Art Ventures Art & Poetry collection in support of the #MeToo movement. She is one of the artists of the Gallery House in Palo Alto, CA.

Shirindokht Nourmanesh lives in Concord, California.

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